The Salyersville Renaissance on Main is dedicated to bringing social and economic activity back into the downtown area. After renovating the old Salyersville National Bank, the oldest building in Magoffin County, the Renaissance program provides a meeting and civic center for the community. With money provided by the Governor's Office for Local Development, the Salyersville Renaissance Program seeks to re-do Main Street and help to redirect focus to the historic downtown area.

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The Salyersville Renaissance is located in downtown Salyersville, at the intersection of Maple Street and Church Street. Parking is available in front and in the parking lot next to Speedway.

The Salyersville Renaissance provides many services. Some of these include:
Promoting downtown business, retail, leisure, and tourist activity.
Providing small business owners and entrepeneurs with useful information, resources, and assistance.
Assisting with Downtown beautification and restoration of downtown buildings.
Informing business owners about historic renovation tax credits they may be eligible for and assisting them in utilizing these benefits.

Salyersville City Treasure Mural
Located downtown on the Frazier Prater Drug building, this beautiful mural represents many of Salyersville's treasures, past and present, in 4 unique displays. Combined into one large mural, it is simply a beauty to behold. The mural can by viewed by driving through downtown Salyersville, but is best appreciated up close so every detail can be fully seen.

Renaissance Monthly Board meetings - monthly on the third Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at the Renaissance center.

Renaissance Art Club (under the direction of Appalachian Artist Tom Whitaker) meets every third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at the Renaissance center. All welcome!

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